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If you are emailing a separate video or set of shots, this is an indication of our minimum requirement for
model selection, although you are advised to send some stronger adult shots in addition.

Flashing, touching & bend-over /  up-skirt in public is very popular.
We are also going to have a competition for  'Flash in Public' very soon - get out those cameras.



These styles are an indicator only, and a much wider range of styles are accepted from open minded models.

The girls have all sent in some shots they snatched from their boyfriends or someone that just noticed they had no pants on and took pics of them - just for naughty fun, not for business!

But the girls on the Pro-Shoots page went straight into magazines, videos and couldn't stop the money, the fun and the travel....

They get around!!!

So whether you just want to flash for fun - or flash for cash - we want to see your hidden slash! 

For girls wishing to arrange a Web Page or even a photo-shoot - Just fill in the form and send us some flashing pics.


Note:   You must be over 18 years of age to participate in any styles that include any level of nudity.

Please email appropriate videos & pictures separately to  flash @
No information will be passed to any other party without your express permission.

A shoot can be arranged for you if you want professional recognition.